New Signage is a Blast from the Past for a Mattapoisett Bar

When a friend asked me to paint signs for a local establishment he recently acquired, I jumped at the chance. The Stowaway is a fixture in Mattapoisett, MA, the tiny seaside town in which I live. The watering hole dates back 50 years or so, and the new owners wanted to celebrate its history. The assignment? Paint a sign for each of the former names of the bar. I was given full license to paint the signs however I wanted, just asking that they vary in size/shape/color if possible. I knew it would be a blast because it was a mixture of history, Mattapoisett town pride and designing/painting signs!

Check out a few of the signs here, or stop in for a drink, a bite to eat and maybe a game of pool. The owners renovated the space over the winter, adding more seating and atmosphere but at its heart it’s the same bar many have known for decades. The signs hang prominently by the bar and are a nod to the establishment’s past. They’re a great way to strike up a conversation with some of the locals who’ve frequented the joint for years and can relay colorful personal accounts of the days of Rick’s and Brad’s. My personal favorite is the Mattapoisett Stumble In … because of the amazing piece of reclaimed wood I found in my stash but really because the name is just plain awesome (admit it, you chuckled, too).

Hand-painted bar sign Mattapoisett

Hand-painted bar signs

Hand-painted bar signs

Hand-painted bar signs

Hand-painted bar signs

Hand-painted bar sign

And last, but not least, here’s a little joke (and play on words!) for The Stowaway co-owner’s wife:

Mattapoisett Bar The Stowaway

So be sure to swing by The Stowaway in Mattapoisett soon to grab a Dawn’s Big Squeeze, see how the owners spruced up the joint, and enjoy a little walk down memory lane.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Great job! You certainly fulfilled all of the owners’ requests!

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