How to Set an Effortless Easter Table

On the heels of a rough New England winter, warm weather and long days are calling my name. With Easter a little more than a week away, I’ve begun replacing my home’s wintery items with splashes of vibrant and cheerful color. The spring holiday is just about the best excuse to liven up your decor. Whether you’ll be hosting family and friends on Easter Sunday or not, setting a bright table is the best way to embrace spring and forget about the piles of snow that. are. still. here.

If you’re anything like me, fresh flowers don’t make their way into your home very often during the winter months. When tulips begin popping up in stores each spring, I cannot wait to give them a starring role on my table. In fact, it’s an annual ritual for me. If you remember my Easter table last year, you might notice that I didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. There is nothing wrong with keeping decorations from year to year if you know they work. With fresh flowers and a few items from other areas of your home, you can put a new spin on last year’s Easter decorations. What do you think of this year’s presentation?

Decorate an Easter Table

The green apples, the hurricanes and the burlap are all making repeat performances. But with new items mixed in, you’d never know it! When something works for you, keep it in the mix to save time and frustration. So let me walk you through this table setting. The very first thing I did was a cut a new piece of burlap for the runner. The one I used last year was long and narrow–I wanted this to be a bit wider. After I cut the burlap, I peeled away a few of the layers on all four sides to create a fringe:

DIY Burlap Fringe

It’s important to pull one thread at a time to prevent the fabric from bunching and puckering (… which could require ironing. Something I like to avoid at all costs). And because I like to use and reuse pretty much everything, I kept the thread. More on that later. Next, I went shopping around my home. From reading other posts on my blog, you may have noticed I like layers and I like to put arrangements on risers. I found a lidded square basket in my living room that I knew would make a great base for my tulips. So off I went with the lid.

Next, I filled a globe vase with water and added about 25 miniature green apples (sold in packs of 6 at Dollar General!) before stuffing in 2 bunches of tulips (in addition to adding a pop of color, the apples help hold the flowers in place). The finishing touch was a DIY wreath that I made by wrapping Polished Hemp Rope from Walmart around a wire wreath form (again, Dollar General) like the one I made for my Valentine’s Day mantel. The wreath took about 15 minutes and I know it will fit in nicely in another area of my home once this table has been cleared.

Easter Tulips

Remember that thread? I put it to good use tying the name tags on these incredibly easy place holders for the table (I planned to use twine but thought the delicate thread was a better fit). I printed the labels on my home printer, punched a hole in them and tied them to artificial pears that I bought a million years ago.

How to Make an Easy Place Holder for Easter

Last, but not least, I mixed in 2 vases tied with hemp rope and containing whole carrots with stems for an extra pop of color. I added green bunnies hand-painted on leftover scraps of wood for each guest to take home after the celebration, if they wish. I’ll leave you with a few more shots of my Easter table. If you celebrate, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Easy Decorating Tips for Easter

Cheerful and Bright Easter Decor


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