Valentine’s Day Mantel

Pale blue is a nice complement to red, don’t you think? This year, I chose to decorate for Valentine’s Day without the hearts and roses … and just a hint of red. As you can see, I relied on pale blue and white to carry most of the weight. Let’s face it, too much red can be overwhelming. And hearts? Well, I really have nothing against them but wanted to focus on a different Valentine’s Day symbol this year.


Valentine's Decor without hearts


Enter the dove. Mourning or turtle doves have long been a symbol of love and loyalty but do know why? The birds are one of just a handful of animals that mate for life. The doves I hung on my shutters were quick and easy to pull together. Maybe you already know my secret? I traced and painted the doves on cardboard.

I don’t know what it is about this holiday that drives me to paint on cardboard, but it does. Did you see my mantel last year? More cardboard art! I love the sloppy-cut edges and its smooth surface. Cardboard can even be sanded after its painted if you’re going for a distressed look. Perhaps most of all, I love how lightweight it is and easy to hang (TIP: to pierce holes in cardboard, I recommend placing it on a block of wood and then hammering a large nail through the corner to create an opening. That way, you don’t crease the cardboard and the hole is nice and clean). Finally, I strung some twine through the holes and finished it off with a few knots.

decorate for valentine's dayLet’s talk about that wreath. Again, a very easy and quick DIY. The base is a wire wreath form that I bought at the Dollar Store. Well to be exact, I bought 8 of them. I found a large ball of red and white twine and simply tied off one end on the wreath form and wrapped it around until I reached the beginning, then I secured the end with a knot. So easy and the whole wreath cost $4! Best part? I can’t wait to re-use it at Christmas time.

Decorate living room for valentine's day

On the coffee table, I echoed the red from the wreath by using a placement mat from Sur La Table under the tray. I put fresh flowers in an old pot from a tea set I acquired from my grandmother, stacked on top of a few books handpicked to carry over the pale blue. And finally, because I always like to include something nautical or coastal-inspired, I added an old propeller that I painted white with a blue stripe.

Decorate with old propellers

Coffee table with Tea pot and flowers

Handpainted Love Sign on Reclaimed Wood

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