Merry Cork-mas!

Wine corks make great home decorations (they can be incorporated into bars and table tops or simply displayed in a vase on a bookcase) but their time to really shine is during the holiday season. I’ve recruited everyone I know to save corks for my DIY projects. I’ve seen small bags of corks for sale at Target and various other places but I refuse to pay for them (beyond the cost of the wine itself)! We have hundreds of corks waiting to be put to use. My absolute favorite cork project is a wreath. I have made quite a few. Here’s one of my latest:

Cork Wreath Tutorial

Did you catch my tutorial on how to make a cork wreath? It’s a relatively simple DIY project, albeit time consuming. This year I made a far less daunting cork project. This cork Christmas tree simply required cutting corks in half and hot gluing them to a board painted to look like driftwood. Add a small ribbon and you’re all set:

How to Make a Cork Christmas Tree

Cork Tree

My parents recently visited Williamsburg, VA, and sent me an idea from a local home. I absolutely love this and will definitely tackle this next year (once I figure out how they did it!):

Cork Christmas Decoration

Cork Window Decoration

Here are more shots of my wreaths: Cork Wreath

How to make a Cork Wreath

Cork Wreath

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