Have a Very Neutral and Classic Christmas

For whatever reason, I’m all about an understated look with my holiday decor this year. In my living room, you’ll see loads of greenery enhanced with muted colors, a dab of silver and lots of texture. And no red in sight!

Simple Christmas Mantel

I have to say, I’m completely in love with the scheme I chose. We’re not having a Christmas party or hosting Christmas this year so maybe that is influencing my decorating? All I know is the pared-down look is working for me. We’re not even getting a Christmas tree–my idea!

Shutter with Holiday Wreath

To tie it all together, I continued the scheme of greens and neutrals on my coffee table. I layered one of my all-time favorite pieces, a Mariposa Pearled Serving Tray, on top of a plaid scarf draped on a chippy white table. I folded another scarf–this one in tweed–on top of the tray and then repeated the greenery to complement the mantel. To give the greens a twist, I made a loose wreath form and tied sections with hemp rope tied into square knots. I carried the silver theme into the glass hurricane with a strand of silver “rope.”

Simple Holiday Decor

Would you believe the scarves I used were a steal at $1 each from my local thrift shop? I still cannot believe my luck but you can always rely on the men’s department for neutrals and textures so I figured it was worth a look. Can you see the tweed scarf peeking out from under the greens? Here’s a better shot:

Decorating with scarves for the holidays

And while we’re talking bargains, that silver “rope” I used is from Dollar Tree. It’s one long incredible strand for $1. There are decorating bargains to be had all around if you just use a little creativity. What unusual item did you use this year in your Christmas decorations? I’ll leave you with a few more shots of my living room:

Simple Christmas Decorations

Simple and understated Christmas mantel

Simple Green and White Christmas Mantel

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