Festive and Fresh Fall Fireplace Mantel

Looking to switch up the theme on your mantel? There is nothing better than a fall yard to discover new textures and colors to bring indoors. With a little imagination and a pair of sharp scissors, a festive fall mantel is easily within reach.

The first step in decorating your mantel for a new season is to establish a color theme. In this case, I went with orange, green and yellow. Don’t be afraid to use items in any shade of the color spectrum. Various hues add depth and interest to the decorations, however, I usually like to limit my themes to 2 or 3 colors.

Next, take a lap around your house and grab a few items that might make a nice addition to a fall mantel (don’t forget to look in your “recent craft” area for things that might be leftover from another project). Finally take to your backyard and gather a few different items. For tips on what to look for in your yard, read my post: Decorating Inspiration is Right in Your Backyard.

Now for the fun part! Bring it all together and start playing around with various combinations. For this particular mantel, I was inspired to pull together a fresh and light look:

dried citrus wreath

For my new fall mantel, I relied heavily on decorative glass items to make the green, yellow and orange look fresh and airy. On the ends, I used simple Waterford candlesticks from Macy’s. I love the simplicity of these candlesticks and use them often. The other glass vessels I used are antique apothecary jars from my grandfather’s medical practice. These jars move around my house continuously because they have so many decorating possibilities:

Decorate with Vintage Apothecary Jars

I clipped the ornamental grass from my yard. The key is to let the grass dry for a few days before decorating with it–that’s how you end up with the curly strands which I just love. I found this out when I put the grass in a waterless vase my fall porch revamp:

Fall Porch Decorating

Back to the fall mantel, in the center I filled a simple square glass vase with water and clippings of yellow and green leaves from my yard. And last but not least, I hung a glossy white frame in the center above the leaf arrangement. I used manila rope to tie a simple wreath I made from dried oranges and grapefruits to the frame.

I sliced 2 oranges and 1 grapefruit about 1/4 inch thick and placed them on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet in my oven on the lowest heat setting (for my oven, that’s 170 degrees) and left the door cracked a couple of inches. The citrus slices took about 6-8 hours to dehydrate (the thinner they are sliced, the quicker they dehydrate so some of mine were done a bit early because I did not succeed in slicing each slice the same). Once the citrus slices were completely dry (I left them on the rack another couple of days to really dry out), I cut the edge of a sturdy paper plate to use as my wreath form. Using a hot glue gun, I began gluing the slices in a circle around the wreath form. I knew I would add several layers so I wasn’t too concerned about placement.

Citrus Slice Wreath

The bonus is that this wreath smells AMAZING! What do you think of my fresh and bright fall mantel?

wreath with citrus slices


Yellow, orange and green fall mantel


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