DIY Driftwood Inspired Side Table

I just finished upcycling another piece of furniture and it has replaced this piece as my all-time favorite project to date. I have been dying to replicate the look of the driftwood floor we installed in our master bathroom, but wanted to do it on a table top. I will walk you through the steps of the driftwood in this post but first I’m so excited to show you the final product:

Driftwood Table While I couldn’t be happier with how the top turned out, my favorite part of this table ended up being a last-minute addition by my husband. I didn’t like the knobs that came with this table and have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate rope. I asked my husband if he knew how to make monkey’s fist knots–he said no, but I will. A few YouTube videos later and he produced 3 of these:

Monkey's Fist KnobsHow amazing is that?! He said the key is to wrap the rope around a small marble or other round object. He used some material that he makes splints with in his occupational therapy business to make a small orb.

Because I wanted the knots to be small, I unwound the 3 strands of a long piece of hemp rope and he used a single strand to make each of the knobs. When he tied the knots, he left about a foot of extra rope on one end of the knot and a few inches on the other end. Beyond that, I couldn’t really explain the how-to other than to watch a YouTube video!

I clipped the shorter end of each knot close, ran it quickly through a flame to melt the rope together and then used a small dab of super glue to flatten it down (there is a way to bury this end into the knot, but our knots were so small that it would have been difficult). He left the other end of the rope on each knob long so that I could string it through the screw holes on the drawer and secure it with a tight knot on the other side. Here’s another view of the knobs. Monkey's Fist Drawer pullsNow, let’s talk about the driftwood-inspired table top. This is what the table looked like before I began working on it:

Driftwood Table BeforeI began by power sanding the top to remove all varnish and get it down to bare wood. I mixed black latex paint with water until it brushed on a translucent grey. I applied the mixture all over the top with a damp rag. Once dry, I put a small amount of white and black latex paint in a jar with water but didn’t mix it. I dipped a course brush in the jar so that it was coated with an uneven mix of paint. I brush the mixture on the table top and used a rag to control how much paint went on where. I repeated this process twice until I liked the outcome. Once dry, I sanded off a few spots to reveal a bit of the natural wood which I thought would add to the driftwood look. I let the top cure for a few days before applying 3 coats of Minwax water-based polyacrylic. What do you think?

View of Driftwood Top UpcloseDriftwood Table



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