Paint Furniture with Homemade Chalk Paint

You may be aware that chalk paint is all the rage. I have “painted furniture envy” each time I see another blogger using chalk paint. So why don’t I use it myself you ask? There are a few reasons. The first one is proximity: the closest vendor to me is about 45 minutes away. The second reason is selection: each line of chalk paint offers very limited color options. While you can mix the colors, that means buying more paint. The last and probably main reason I haven’t jumped on the chalk paint craze is cost: chalk paint can run upwards of $35 for a quart. Yes, a quart, not a gallon.

So when I came across Salvaged Inspirations’ Top 4 Homemade Chalk Paint Recipes, I couldn’t wait to jump in with both feet! I was so excited that I decided to go with her Number 4 choice because I had it on hand (always do, kind of obsessed with it for a variety of reasons!), even though she said it was her least favorite of the 4 recipes. So what is the secret ingredient? Baking soda!

I used my new concoction to paint this coffee table that we recently acquired from Brian’s grandparents and I’m so thrilled with it:

Coffee Table Painted with Homemade Chalk PaintAs the Salvaged Inspirations blog suggested, I mixed 2 parts latex paint (yes, any latex paint) to 1 part baking soda. I used an old sour cream container (that had gone through the dishwasher) to mix the chalk paint. I measured 2/3 cup of water and poured it into the sour cream container and drew a line on the outside to indicate 2/3 cup and then poured the water out and dried the container. I did this so I would know how much paint to pour in without making a mess of my measuring cups. Once I poured the paint in, I added 1/3 cup baking soda and stirred the paint well. And then stirred it some more. I found that the mixture separated quite a bit as I was using it, so it required regularly mixing. I also discovered that the mixture doesn’t keep for long so just mix the amount you think you’ll need. You won’t be able to keep the leftovers.

I applied the paint to the table, allowed it to dry and then sanded the table with a fine grit sanding sponge. I repeated this 2 more times until I got the color I was after. This homemade recipe requires a really good sanding after the final coat to achieve a smooth finish. But what I liked most about the paint is how it went on. No brush strokes to be seen! Usually when I paint with latex paint, brush strokes are just part of the process and difficult to avoid.

This table now lives in our cozy little living room:

Coffee Table with Homemade Chalk PaintCoffee Table with Homemade Chalk PaintAnd, of course, here’s the before shot of the coffee table:

Coffee Table BeforeI’m excited to try Salvaged Inspirations’ other recipes. Do you plan to make homemade chalk paint? If so, please tell me about what you’re painting!


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