Personalized Gift for Coastal Wedding

Another weekend, another out-of-town party! We attended a special June wedding held on a beautiful coastal property in Sullivan, Maine. During the seaside wedding ceremony, we enjoyed sweeping views of Sullivan Harbor and Frenchman Bay. A quick moving storm produced a few sprinkles while the bride and groom were exchanging vows. Shortly after, the sky erupted into the most beautiful rainbow–what a sight!

We decided to give the couple a sign to commemorate the day (and to have something to attach our check to!). Here’s the final product (full disclosure: I snapped this shot in Acadia National Park where we camped the night before the wedding so it’s not actually Sullivan Harbor):

Sullivan Harbor Pallet SignIf you read my last post, then you know that I acquired a pallet that I have been breaking down into several projects. This sign followed most of the same instructions as the zip code sign except for the lettering and the way it will be hung. The lettering proved more difficult than the numbers because I didn’t want to stagger them and they needed to be spaced correctly. I chose the font and size and then printed the wording. I again used fingernail scissors to cut out the letters but this time, I left a base below most of the letters to maintain the spacing and the line:

Sign TemplateThe other difference between this sign and the zip code sign is the method of hanging. With the zip code sign, Brian added sawtoothed hooks to the back of the board. For this sign, we drilled a hole on each end and strung manila rope through to the back and tied the ends into a square knot that can sit on a nail on the wall. It was difficult to get the manila rope to stand up to show you in the picture. Here’s another angle of the personalized wedding gift:

Personalized DIY Wedding Gift

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