Decorating Style Mirrors Fashion Style

Many people are down right intimidated about decorating their homes. They may not know where to begin or if they do, they don’t know how to carry a look through an entire room. Others aren’t sure what style they prefer. I get it, decorating is overwhelming. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: you may have already defined your decorating sense of style and you don’t even know it. One’s style of decorating often imitates fashion preferences. I know mine does.

Decorating Mirrors FashionAcross the board, my preference falls to styles that are simple and conservative with pops of color. I don’t like too many patterns, but rather a few stand outs paired with solid colors. I like textures–whether it’s a corduroy couch or a chunky scarf–to take the place of too many patterns.

Chances are if you take risks with fashion, you are more likely to take more risks with your home decor. Me? Not so much. Just like my clothing, I gravitate toward traditional pieces for my home and blend in some trendy pieces from time to time. Just like I might buy a new dress in a trendy style (like today’s popular high low style) from Target, I would buy a Chevron throw pillow from TJ Maxx. Little overhead = no big deal when the trend only sticks around for a season or two.

Some trends may stick around for the long haul but my guess is the next trend right around the corner will leave you saying “Chevron? Why?!”

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