Window Shutter Revamp

This DIY shutter project is easy to complete and makes a great housewarming gift. I purchased a pair of shutters from a demolition store for $30. Truthfully, a bit more than I wanted to spend but I really liked the size and the hardware so I splurged.

Preparation: I began by placing the shutter over a tarp and then used a putty knife to remove all loose paint chips. I focused much of my effort on the front since that is the part that is seen. I suggest wearing a mask and disposable gloves in case the shutter was painted with lead-based paint. If you know that the shutter dates to after 1978, then you are probably in the clear. Next I used a spray-on paint stripper to remove the stubborn parts of paint that didn’t come loose with a putty knife. Finally, I sanded the entire shutter to make sure the surface was even to prevent paint from chipping in the future.

Priming/Painting: I primed the whole shutter with Kilz primer in white. Once that was dry, I covered the shutter in a thin layer of black paint. While I had the black paint out, I painted clothes pins (36-pack purchased from the Dollar Store) with one coat black paint so they would look a little more interesting than plain clothes pins. Allowing time to dry, I then used a basic almond semi-gloss paint that I had left over from another project as the top coat on the shutter.

Distressing: I allowed the layers of paint to set for 2 full days before beginning to distress the shutter. I lightly sanded parts of the shutter to expose the black paint below. In places where I wanted a more dramatic effect, I used a Minwax Blend-Fil Pencil (in Ebony Jacobean). For some reason I feel like I am cheating when I use this pencil because it is so easy!

The slats of the shutter are perfect for hanging a card over or attaching a recent photo with a clothes pin. Is this a project you think you might try? What might you do differently?

Distressed Shutter Invitation Display

Distressed Shutter Invitation Display

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