Distress to De-stress

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I’m experiencing a deadline crunch. While my company is open on Black Friday, most companies are closed and if they aren’t, it’s a popular vacation day. Translation? I have to complete my normal workload in 2.5 days instead of 5 (Let’s face it, doesn’t everyone spend most of the Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving workday waiting for an early dismissal?).

I know you can all relate so what are your secrets for handling the stress of time constraints? I break out the sandpaper. Distressing furniture requires very little thought (hello, clearing out space to mentally write about sleep medicine and audiology!) and truthfully, it releases frustration. It takes a little elbow grease to beat up a piece of furniture enough to make it look like it’s been that way for decades.

After distressing these desk drawers (sneak preview of a project in the works!) during my late afternoon lunch break, I am back at my desk feeling refreshed and ready to tackle today’s assignments.


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