My Mother, My Muse

This blog concept has been rattling around in my head and scribbled in pretty journals for a while now. I dream about this blog, I daydream about this blog and have even had nightmares about it … yikes!

And yet, bringing myself to write the very first post? Well, that has not come easily. I feel exposed. I feel a bit like I did the time I called to introduce myself to my first college roommate. I am questioning my knowledge and my talent — both as a writer and as any sort of expert in furniture repairs/restoration/rejuvenation. And let me just add that although I have been writing professionally for nearly 15 years (I guess that makes me an expert? Jury is still out on that one!), I am new to the refurbishing and repurposing scene.

I grew up in a creative household. My mother can make anything and everything look, smell, taste and feel other worldly. There is no end to her talents. And somehow she does it all without breaking a sweat or a fingernail. For me? Not so much. I live in fear of a neighbor popping by unannounced and seeing what really goes on in my garage. Trust me, call first.

After years of observing and helping my mother–with flower arranging, furniture painting, decorating and cooking–I have carved out my own unique approach. But it’s inspired by and entirely based on the foundation she gave me. She is undoubtedly my creative muse. And even though more than 300 miles now separate us, I consult her on just about every project I work on. She always provides positive reinforcement or just the right critique I need. I should probably give props to Apple because FaceTime allows me to share all of my successes and blunders with my mom in a matter of seconds.

Please join me on this journey as I assuredly will learn, grow, make mistakes and fix them, just as we all do each and every day in all of life’s pursuits.


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